Liquid Coating Systems


We offer a FREE site survey which extends from the initial survey to the preparation of a report and specification which can also include a photographic detail of roofing defects.

All roof coverings suffer from one or more of the following; aging, sunlight, movement, wear and tear, therefore, treating and coating existing roofs provide valuable extended Roof Life.


Roof Coatings & Treatment Systems offer an alternative way to waterproofing a roof as opposed to total removal and replacement of the existing roof covering. The cost is generally higher on total replacement however; other issues have to be considered, for example, business interruption, possible water ingress, and where asbestos roof sheets are concerned, the possibility of fibres being release into the air. With various Roof Coating and Treatment products on offer, such as Elastomeric, Rubber, Acrylic and Bituminous, CJ Roofing are able to provide a system for a Roofing Project that will meet most client’s budgets and requirements.


Offering a variety of High Performance Roof Coating Systems that cure into a flexible waterproof coating, free from fixings, seams, welds or joints. Roof Coatings can be applied to felt, bitumen, metal, concrete, & asbestos, and may be applied to damp surfaces prior surface water removed and will provide protection to the roof structure lasting many years before first maintenance is required and will tolerate foot traffic and withstand attack by airborne pollutants


Roof Coatings can be applied to existing roof surface prior to a thorough industrial clean and the removal of all debris; this is also inclusive of cleaning out old joint sealant and joints. The cold coating system can be applied by roller, brush or airless spray thus reducing disruption to activities within the building and eliminating fire risks. On complex roof detail such as upstands & Roof lights the coating will provide a long lasting barrier against damaging water ingress.










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