Built-up Felt Systems


Because we are totally independent of specific manufacturers, we are often the only organisation capable of providing the best possible solution with un-biased advise regarding every aspect of roofing projects and working with the top manufacturers.


A Built Up Roof Membrane consists of two or more superimposed layers of a bitumen roofing sheet which is bedded and bonded with hot bitumen or fused together by torch application method. This multi layer system gives more levels of defence against water ingress.


The ideal membrane combines a base of high stiffness and tension, with a low stiffness matrix to provide the best combination of characteristics to resist movement and maintain waterproofing integrity.


The majority of materials consist of a reinforcement base of glass or polyester coated with oxidised or modified bitumen, this is a popularity choice or roof covering due to the waterproofing and adhesive properties of bitumen, but it is the nature of the reinforcing base which control the strength and fatigue resistance.


There are numerous systems available including refurbishment torch on systems and cut to fall insulation systems. Torch on is a means adhering membranes for built up roofing which involves activating a factory applied layer of bitumen using a gas torch.










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